Stephanie's Hairtherapy

Stephanie came in looking for a complete transformation with a old very heavy ombre & dark roots. 

Sarah one of master stylist took her hair to a all over darker color with subtle balayage and took off about 6-7 inches for a natural fun & lived in look. 

Goldwell Color:

AOC Roots: 6NN(15) + 6BP(15)+ 5NA(10) + Pink(80)
Ends: 6/7Warm(25) + 6BP(10) + 8BP(15)+ Pink(100)
In Foils: 9A + 8B + 30vol (Roots only)
B + 20 Gentle (On ends only)
Not too many highlights!
Tone: Roots: 8BA
Tone: Ends: 10BG + 10V

Fall Transformation

Pumpkin Spice

Mallory came in pretty much a all over blonde from getting highlights done once yearly for years.  She was looking to make a big change and with the help of Olivia and Sacha, it happened.


The goal was "Pumpkin Spice", a copper-ish dimensional color.  Olivia started with the roots using Goldwell color 7N@BK 25mls + 7RB 15mls + Pink 80mls, then balayaged with SilkLift Gentle + 20 volume to brighten up a few pieces.  She then applied 8NN 10mls + 8K 10mls + 8KG 5mls + 6KG 15mls + Pink 80mls on all remaining hair.   After a 30 min process and shampoo she was toned at the bowl using 8K 25mls + 8OR 10mls + 9KG 15mls for 12 minutes.   For the cut, Sacha did a slight triangular bob and some added fringe for a lived in bob look.


New York, New York

The Modern Barber 

Lo and Madison traveled to New York to further their cutting skills. In the modern barber class at the Goldwell & KMS Academy in New York they are developing more meticulous skills in advanced clipper fading, T-edgers, scissor over comb, blending with shears, texturizing with shears and clipper over comb, building shape, cutting the top, texturizing, styling and finishing!


New York Skyline 

New York Skyline 

Madison & Lo in New York

Madison & Lo in New York

New York Times

Goldwell & KMS Academy, New York

Kris and Beth were in New York this past week at the Goldwell & KMS Academy New York attending Extreme Color Revolution class with Derrick Zeno. 

Kylee was also in New York this past weekend at the academy as well but she was finishing up the second part of her Goldwell master color specialist!

Right picture was a color correction done in Kylee's class with Tiggy Malhotra. The target was to correct the brassy tones and break a banded color.

Left picture was also done by Kylee, the target was to brighten up this beautiful blonde.

Color Correction!

Color Correction

Kendall came in with mermaid hair.  She had used Royal Blue Ion brand color since December, which faded to a sea foam green that had to be removed prior to color.

  • Color: Olivia Gardner + Kylee Ellis


Color Cleanse + Full balayage

-To Remove faded Ion royal blue:

  • HairStay Clairfying shampoo
  • Elumen Lock, work into hair like crazy and then rinse
  • HairStay Clairfying shampoo a second time and leave in
  • Canvas cleanse with Silk Lift Strong + drops

20vol + Strong + Water > Equal parts
-Roots @ bowl: 8BA(20) + 8GB(10) + 7N(20) + Blue(100)
BC+40vol > Weird places/ green places
Ends: 10BA(15) + 9BA(25) + 10V(10) + Blue(100)







The BondPro is a rich intensive treatment which reinforces the bond in the hair. It is made for people who have damaged hair from any kind of coloring, bleaching or texturing process. The BondPro will leave the hair strengthened and deeply nourished. 

You can add it to any color service!


Superior reliability for maximum confidence:
no visible dilution of lightening and color performance

Strengthens the hair fibre and supports bond stability

Prevents breakage during alkaline services and protects hair from damage

• Hair is revitalized and deeply nourished

• Hair looks and feels significantly healthier

Sneak peek...

The first in a ton of New Wall Art coming to a salon near you soon. The theme? Whatever you want it to be... For me, it's texture. A visual smorgasbord - Swedish (like Kris) 1 : a luncheon or supper buffet offering a variety of foods and dishes (as hors d'oeuvres, hot and cold meats, smoked and pickled fish, cheeses, salads, and relishes) 2 : an often large heterogeneous mixture : mélange.