Care about your co-workers and work to make them successful.  Offer positive encouragement and help without being asked.  If you want the people you work with to care about you, pay it forward.

"A rising tide lifts all boats."

"You can get everything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want."
                                -Zig Zigler

Be honest with co-workers, customers, bosses and most of all, yourself.  Help foster a culture of kind constructive criticism.  Being dishonest about someone's performance to protect their feelings does them a  disservice.  Praise in public, coach in private and remember that “bosses” need to hear the truth too.


Education is the key to personal, technical and financial growth.  The more you learn, the more you earn.  Education can  cure for boredom and burnout.


The customer is everyone's customer.  If you don't believe that, miss a few week's work.  “Your” customer will see other stylists; as they should.  Their concern is getting their services done.  Every customer is your customer, whether you're the one doing their hair or not.  Say hello and smile.  Introduce yourself.  Ask if they need anything.  When you're not in stylist mode, be in host mode.  Customers notice this, because few businesses do it.

Efficient work habits are critical to your success.  Efficient staff earn 30-40% more than inefficient co-workers.  Efficient businesses thrive while inefficient businesses struggle and fail.  Strive to achieve efficiency in service times, materials usage, work habits and business processes without degrading the customer experience or placing unnecessary stress on co-workers.

Suck (struggle) is inevitable on the road to success.  Without struggle you won't grow.  Learn from your mistakes.  Making mistakes is human.  Making the same mistake repeatedly means you aren't looking critically at your processes or obtaining the education you need to move forward.  Complaining slows growth, causing you to fixate on the problem instead of the solution.   Don't complain; find a solution.