About Our Environmentally Friendly Austin Salon

Salons are historically big offenders when it comes to toxic pollutants and wasting water.  We don't know if any salon can really call itself a "green salon", but we're doing our part to help.  

Keith Kristofer participates in the Green Circle Salons initiative which recycles 100% of our hair color, chemical products, foils and hair.  This program, along with our city recycling program (plastics, paper, cardboard and metals), gets us to our 95% recycling goal.   The Green Circle Program isn't cheap, but it's the only one in the country that recycles hair color and other chemicals.  Salons that don't participate in Green Circle, (most of them), are washing excess color and other chemicals down the drain into the water treatment plants that clean our drinking water.  

In addition to recycling, we also have the EcoHeads water saving shower heads at our shampoo bowls.  These high tech "sprayers" lower water usage by about 65%, resulting in not only less water usage, but also less energy required to treat it once it reaches the treatment plant. 

Green Circle Salons Flyer