Curly Hair and DevaCurl

If you’re a curly girl, (or boy), you’ve probably had that experience where someone said they understood how to cut curly hair only to find out they really didn’t. The truth is, cutting curly hair is different. Not only is every head of curls different, but most of our clients have different types of curls in the same head of hair. Even within the same type of curls, individual curls have different spring factors, so cutting them requires different amounts of tension. Keith Kristofer in Austin, Texas treats curly hair with special care and technique.

Our curly cutting specialists cut dry unless you happen to come in styled in a way that we can’t see how your curls naturally lay in which case we wash and pre-style prior to cutting.  The Curly Cut takes 75 - 90 minutes; longer than our regular cuts due to our stylists spending more time in consultation and on styling educating.

Stylist $95 - 110 / Senior Stylist $120 - $135/ Master Stylist $155

What to Expect at Our Austin Hair Salon & How to Come Prepared For Your Curly Cut

  • To get the best haircut for curly hair and a great consultation, please arrive at our Austin salon with clean dry curls styled as you normally wear them.  This allows us to assess your natural texture and styling habits. If you arrive with your hair up in a tight bun, we can’t assess your curls accurately.

  • We conduct a thorough consultation to find out what has worked well and not so well for you in the past.  By the end of the consultation, we arrive at a shape and styling routine that works for your curls and lifestyle.

  • The cut proceeds curl by curl, working with the spring factor of each curl.

  • The service ends with a styling lesson that covers techniques you can use at home and product recommendations. We finish up by styling out your natural curls.

Curly Haircut at Keith Kristofer Salon