Haircuts in Our Austin Salon

We do trending modern and classic haircuts using Sassoon, KMS, Goldwell and Arrojo Razor techniques as well as techniques developed in-house, especially for curly cuts.  We also have DevaCurl trained curly hair specialists at our salon in Austin.  All cuts include a style out and a complimentary bang or neck trim between visits.

Keith Kristofer Salon should be your next and final stop in your agonizing search for the perfect haircut.
— Anthony L. | Yelp

Men's Haircut & Style

Precision haircut, style out and a complimentary neck cleanup between cuts.  

Stylist $40 - $50  /  Senior Stylist $55 - 65

Women's Haircut & Style

Precision haircut, style out and a complimentary bang trim between cuts.

Stylist $65 - $80  /  Senior Stylist $90 - $110

The Curly Cut

Haircut, style and education on the care and styling of your type of curly hair by a curly cutting specialist.  Find out more on our Curls page.

Stylist $95 - $110  / Senior Stylist $120 - $135

Style Out

Professional style out using brushes.  Does not include curling iron or flat iron styling  .  Includes consultation.

Stylist $55 - $65  /  Senior Stylist $75 - $85

Up Styling

Special event styling.  We can incorporate clip-in hair pieces you may wish to bring, but please let us know in advance if you would like us to do that.  If you have a style in mind, we encourage sending photos via e-mail prior to your appointment.  Send to

Stylist $85 - $100  /  Senior Stylist $125 - $135  /  Master Stylist  $145

Wedding Up Style

Wedding Up Styles include a consultation and two up style sessions;  a trial run prior to your wedding day or photos, and the final Up Style on the day of the wedding.

Stylist $170 - $200  /  Senior Stylist $250 - $270  /  Master Stylist $290

Children's Cuts

We provide cutting services for children, ( 8 years and older), of clients who get their hair cut with us.  Pricing for children's cuts is the same as for adults, because it takes us the same amount of time.