The folks at Keith Kristofer Salon are the epitome of exceptional professionalism, integrity, and passionate talent!
— Susan E. | Yelp

Balayage Highlights and Hair Color in Austin, Texas

Keith Kristofer Salon specializes in hair dye services from balayage highlights to bleaching. All our hair color services in Austin include a written price quote plus end color, glazes, toners and everything else your color needs to look it’s best. Services using lightener also include a complimentary Silk Lift Serum® treatment for softer, silkier hair ($15 value). All of our Austin color specialists complete our training program with a Master Colorist and then participate in on-going education with national and international educators annually.

Hair Color & Balayage Pricing

Out colorist’s prices depend on experience and market demand (how busy they are). There are three price ranges at our Austin salon; Colorist, Senior Colorist, and Master Colorist.

Hair Color

Style out included  .  Includes new growth, ends, gloss, color balancing and treatment masque.


Colorist  $90 - $115  /  Senior Colorist $135 - $145  / Master Colorist $155 - $165

Bond Pro

This add on is a nourishing strengthening treatment for colored, lightened or textured hair that makes the hair fiber stronger and prevents breakage.  It also makes your hair feel and look noticeably healthier.   $30

Partial Highlights & Balayage

Style out included.  Includes sides and top of head through the crown and past the "cow lick", providing more coverage than typical "mid scalp forward" partial highlighting.  Includes Silk Lift Serum® treatment, toning, and treatment masque at the shampoo bowl.


Foils:  Colorist  $115 - $145  /  Senior Colorist $170 - $180  / Master Colorist $190 - $205

Balayage:   Colorist  $150 - $180 / Senior Colorist $205 - $215 / Master Colorist $225 - $240

add color for $35 more

Full Highlights & Balayage

Style out included. Includes Silk Lift Serum® treatment, toning, and treatment masque at the shampoo bowl.


Foils:  Colorist  $145 - $175  /  Senior Colorist $200 - $210  / Master Colorist $220 - $235

Balayage:   Colorist  $185 - $215 / Senior Colorist $240 - $250 / Master Colorist $260 - $275

add color for $35 more

Double Process Blonde

All over blonde down to the scalp.  Style out included.  Includes Silk Lift Serum® treatment and treatment masque at the shampoo bowl. 

Colorist  $155 - $185  /  Senior Colorist $210 - $220  / Master Colorist $230 - $245

Men's Hair Color: Re-shades

A low commitment, five minute color service that's done at the shampoo bowl.  Used to reduce and blend gray or to achieve a different tone on hair that's not gray.   $45

  • No sitting in the salon waiting while your color processes.

  • Can be added to a haircut with no extra time.

  • Semi-transparent so you don't get that "dude are you coloring your hair?" look.

  • Does a great job of reducing and blending gray without an opaque cover up that could look unnatural.

Color Correction

We provide exceptional color correction services that also help restore the structural integrity of damaged hair.  What does it mean to need a corrective color?  Just that something has been done to your hair that makes it necessary to involve a colorist who is truly at the top of the profession.

When your hair needs corrective coloring, you need a colorist that's seen it all, knows how to fix it and isn't going to make it worse.  You also need someone that's going to be honest about the results you can expect.  Color correction can involve multiple steps and take longer than a typical service. Instagram is full of “train wreck” before photos and unbelievably gorgeous silver, platinum and color melt vivid after photos that we all assume were done in one visit. Occasionally that happens, but many times it doesn’t. What you’ve got and where you’re trying to go will determine if that can happen for you and we will let you know what you can expect.

We frequently see customers that have come from a color correction experience elsewhere and paid exorbitant prices.  It doesn't have to be that way.  Corrective color is priced according to the time required for the service and many can be done in the same amount of time as a full highlight which means the cost is about the same.  That said, some take a lot longer and cost a lot more.  

Color correction requires a $75 consultation that is credited toward your service. If you choose not to proceed with a correction service, the consultation fee is non-refundable.

The Hair Color & Balayage Consultation - What to Expect

The responsibility for a great color consultation falls squarely on the shoulders of your colorist, but you can help by providing a solid "hair history" and visual references.

Clear Communication Helps - Pictures of what you want lower the chances of miscommunication.  Two people's vision of “strawberry blonde” may contain vastly different amounts of red.  If you aren't sure of what you want, bring a few photographs of what you don't want; they can be almost as helpful.  Phones and tablets are great for this, or go old school with scissors.

Hair History It's important that your colorist have the most complete hair history possible, because things you might not consider can affect the outcome.   Highlights added a year ago in long hair will still be in the hair and will affect how the color deposits.  Previous direct dye color brands, straighteners, perms, hormonal issues and some medicines that treat those issues can also affect how your hair reacts to color.  Don’t forget to mention things you’ve done at home too; we’re not judging. Box color, henna, lemon juice, olive oil and spray tan around the hair line are things your colorist needs to know about too. Hair history is like Italian race car driving - “What's behind you doesn't matter”, but telling your colorist about it does.

A Plan of Action By the end of your consultation, your colorist should be able to present you with a clear plan of what you can expect and the steps to achieve it.  Most color services are gorgeous after your first visit, but depending on what you want and what you currently have, getting to your desired result may not be possible in one visit. If that’s the case, your colorist will be honest about what can be achieved during your initial visit and about the steps involved in a longer term plan to achieve your hair goals.

Lifestyle and Budget - Your colorist will also discuss how much effort and expense you’re willing to invest in maintaining the look you want.  Are you willing to come in every three weeks for a refresh?  Every six to eight weeks?  Twice a year?  This information will inform the techniques your colorist uses. If the look you want doesn’t jive with how often you want to come in to maintain it, your colorist should be ready with options.

If the Consultation Doesn't Go Well - If you're not comfortable with the consultation don't move forward with the appointment. There are polite ways to do this and while your colorist may be a bit disappointed, every colorist we know would prefer to have no client as opposed to an unhappy client.

It’s rare, but your colorist may inform you that what you want isn’t possible without excessive damage to your hair. In a case like this, the colorist will tell you what is possible and you’ll need to decide if that’s acceptable. We won’t do something that’s going to ruin your hair.

In Summary:

  • Provide as much information as possible, including photos of the look you want

  • Know the plan and upkeep requirements

  • Be confident with the consultation before proceeding

  • Be ready to bail politely