Want to work here?  We are always looking for talent.  If you are talented and play well with others, we would love to hear from you.

Are we the right salon for you?  We hope so.  Here's some reasons you might or might not want to work with us:

Work with us if you crave professional education and have a strong desire to learn and grow.  We push people to grow and become better.   Some people like that; some don't.

You should work here if you're nice.  Our salon is a fast moving team based environment, (yes we know, everybody says that), so it's important that you be considerate of other people and have their backs when the chips are down.  You can be a world famous shiznit of hair and still be a nice person.  In fact, we insist on it.

You should work with us if you love cutting OR color, and don't want to do both.  We're departmentalized, because it lets everyone focus on what they love most and because doing things that way has upped our technical game by leaps and bounds.  

You should work here if you plan on sticking around a while.  We don't have much turnover.

You should work here if you want an employer that does everything within it's power and budget to take care of it's staff.  We care and we expect you to care too.

A few other things about us:

  • We focus on education and professional growth with access to national and international educators.
  • We offer a flexible schedule.  You can pick the days you work, within reason. (not so much in the training program though)
  • We offer competitive pay and a clear path for moving on up, like to the East side, maybe a deluxe apartment in the sky.  Or wherever you want to move to.  (Don't get the reference?  George and Weezy?  No?  Google "Moving on Up" or Jefferson's them song)
  • We have medical, dental and vision Insurance
  • We have paid time off (increasing days with level advancement)
  • We have a 401(k) so you can get rich if you start saving young
  • We support your participation in competitions and photo shoots
  • We have a great training program
  • We don't hire stylists away from other salons to get their clientele.
  • We have all kinds of people working here and clients from every walk of life.
  • Most of our people do things together outside of work
  • You won't have to work around people that don't get along and don't have each other's backs.  (translation: you won't have to dread coming to work)
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