Stephanie's Hairtherapy

Stephanie came in looking for a complete transformation with a old very heavy ombre & dark roots. 

Sarah one of master stylist took her hair to a all over darker color with subtle balayage and took off about 6-7 inches for a natural fun & lived in look. 

Goldwell Color:

AOC Roots: 6NN(15) + 6BP(15)+ 5NA(10) + Pink(80)
Ends: 6/7Warm(25) + 6BP(10) + 8BP(15)+ Pink(100)
In Foils: 9A + 8B + 30vol (Roots only)
B + 20 Gentle (On ends only)
Not too many highlights!
Tone: Roots: 8BA
Tone: Ends: 10BG + 10V