Color Correction!

Color Correction

Kendall came in with mermaid hair.  She had used Royal Blue Ion brand color since December, which faded to a sea foam green that had to be removed prior to color.

  • Color: Olivia Gardner + Kylee Ellis


Color Cleanse + Full balayage

-To Remove faded Ion royal blue:

  • HairStay Clairfying shampoo
  • Elumen Lock, work into hair like crazy and then rinse
  • HairStay Clairfying shampoo a second time and leave in
  • Canvas cleanse with Silk Lift Strong + drops

20vol + Strong + Water > Equal parts
-Roots @ bowl: 8BA(20) + 8GB(10) + 7N(20) + Blue(100)
BC+40vol > Weird places/ green places
Ends: 10BA(15) + 9BA(25) + 10V(10) + Blue(100)