Trying to be Witty Never Pays

A couple days ago I'm passing the front desk and there's a bunch of new products sitting out in the process of being priced.  I don't recognize them so I pick one up and read the label.  It's a new KMS product called  "Perfecting Lotion."  I say "Perfecting Lotion, I need to rub this all over", thinking I'll be perfect and thinking it's oh so witty.  

Cassie, who's also up front loses it, laughing so hard she's almost crying.  I'm thinking, yeah it was good, but it wasn't that good.  What's going on?  Then I see she's not laughing at my awesome humor, she's laughing at Autumn, who's red and has saucer-wide eyes.  Then I see the female customer at the front desk who's got her head down like she doesn't want to be seen and really wants to get out of there.  I look over at Cassie and say "What?"

The client checks out and leaves, Autumn and Cassie are both laughing now and then Cassie says something like, "When that customer doesn't come back, you'll know why."  The moral of the story, I think, is don't try to be witty if it involves lotions.