Lawyers on Speed Dial

     A few years back, I'm in the office and I get a call from the front desk. I go up front and there's a lady with two $65.00 Masques and she's not looking too happy.  I'm informed by our front desk staff that the lady has found two different prices on two identical masques and she wants the lower price.  What's happened is that our cost has gone up and we in turn, have raised the retail price and re-stickered them, but unfortunately, we missed a few. I explain what's happened and tell her we would be happy to the honor the lower price.  Not a world ending problem right?  Wrong.  She proceeds to take every masque in inventory, (12-14), and stacks them on the desk.

     “What are you doing?” I ask. 

     “I want all of these at the lower price.”

     “I'm sorry,” I tell her, “I can't do that.”

     She says, with a look that could cut steel, “You have to.”

     “How about I sell you two of the incorrectly priced masques?” I ask.

     “You have to give all of them to me at the lower price,” she says. “It's the law.”

     To which I say, “I don't think it's the law.”  I had no idea whether it was the law or not, but at that point it wasn't really about the law, it was about feeling like somebody was trying to take advantage of us.  So now she's fuming and I'm not real happy either, and then she takes out her cell phone and pushes a button. A, as in one, button.  She says “I'm calling my attorney.”

     I can't help but smile. I ask her, “You have your attorney on Speed Dial?”

     She doesn't answer me.  Then her attorney doesn't answer her.  She hangs up and calls back with the same result.  Her attorney won't answer his phone.  I can't imagine why.  She says I'll be hearing from her and storms out.  I didn't hear from her, but I don't think we've made many pricing mistakes since.